Leave Your Car Spotless Using Our Self-Service Car Wash

Our air shammees will blow you away

Everyone wants their car to be squeaky-clean. Soak-n-Wet has self-service car wash bays that has everything you need to clean your car quickly. Our services help make it look like your car was professionally washed.

Each of our self-service car bays are equipped with air shammees. These high-powered air blowers will chase the water off your car. You'll leave Soak-n-Wet with a spotless car every time. Call us today to learn more about our self-service car wash bays.

Clean more than just your car at Soak-n-Wet

Clean more than just your car at Soak-n-Wet

Your car might not be the only thing that needs to be cleaned in your garage. If you have outdoor toys, like four-wheelers, bring them down to Soak-n-Wet. You can wash anything with four wheels at our self-service car wash bays. Get your outdoor toys ready for the weekend by visiting Soak-n-Wet.

Do you drive an oversized vehicle? Call 270-256-9252 now, and we'll let you know if our bays can accommodate you.